Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speaker At Goodhue

Teen drinking. Teen Sex. STD’s. Teen Drug use. Good choices. What’s your story? These were things that speaker John Crudele talked about with the entire Goodhue High School on Wednesday, April 14. He also shared personal stories.
Students at Goodhue High School enjoyed listening to guest speaker Crudele. He talked about many things and had a lot of different stories. He has spoken to over 2,000,000 adults and teens across the entire country. His main point that he got across to us was, “What’s your story?” What he means by this is your life is what you make of it. What you do now in the present writes your past and also affects your future. The bad choices you make today will affect you forever.
Crudele also talked about how you have a hard time remembering a lie when you can easily remember the truth. It is hard to keep a lie inside. Another point he had was about how when we are young we think of others a lot more than when we get older. We start to focus on how we can get things for ourselves and not care about others. Still many of us need what others can give to us. We need to help others when we can and not just think of ourselves because then in return others will do the same back to you. Everything you do will come back to you. If you put down others to make yourself feel better others will put you right back down and you end up feeling worse than you did to start.
So help others. Make good choices. Your life is what you make it.

By Reed Lexvold