Tuesday, April 27, 2010

People on Crutches

People limping around on their crutch. Some hurting under their arms. Others' battle wounds hurting. All of these people are on crutches for a reason, some received surgery like Mike Austin who says that one leg was longer than the other so he got his left leg shortened so now they are both the same. He had to go through three or more weeks of not even being able to move his left leg. Austin said that the worst part about having crutches is the pain under his arms from the crutches. “Walking around a big school must have to suck, even getting around at this small school can be hard at some points,” said senior Austin. When going through the lunch line at school Austin and all the other kids on crutches need help carrying there trays through, so I asked if it was difficult to find someone to do this? Austin said ,“No, not really at all. Most people love to help, I guess it’s because it gets them out of class early.”
1025 feet...this is how many feet it is from down in Bestul's shop to the lunch room (or gym 1). Some people on crutches have to walk this far, then go almost all the way back.
Even just walking from one class to the next, one needs help carrying your books and other objects. Why just today, Nathan Voth had to help Courtney Hinsch carry her books to her locker because her hands are full lugging those crutches around.
I’m not saying that we should do anything about it except for tell people to be more careful
when doing things so they don’t have to carry this burden for a few very long weeks. When you have someone you know using crutches, you may want to help them get around the school because trust me they need it.

By Brady Vieths