Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Fiesta's :)

Graduation Fiesta's :)
By Amanda Nord
"What are your plans now that you are done with high school?" a famous quote that all graduating seniors are sure to get asked on their graduation day. Many will say they are going to college, while a few others are going into the military or working after their high school career.
The commencement date for all 52 Goodhue High School seniors is on June 6, 2010. While looking at the garduation party sheet, a lot of people have decided to either have their parties on June 5th or on the commencement day, June 6th. Some people have chosen to have their grad parties early, such as Brady Vieths on May 22nd, and others want to have their parties later, such as Grace Majerus on June 19th. While interviewing Peter Watson, a soon-to-be Marine, he stated, "I am having my graudation on May 31st because my mom has that day off from work." Karla Ryan on the other han gis having her graduation party on June 6th after the commencement so her family can go to both the commencement and her party on the same day. Be sure to make an appearance at all the grad parties for this year's 2010 graduating class.

Goodhue Baseball Season

This year's Wildcat baseball team has improved much from last year and has hope for doing well this year. Brian Strauss says, “ We are very optimistic this year and hoping to learn from last year's performance.” This season is pretty similar from other years, few players, and same head coach Bob Bitzen.
Some differences about this year are a few new players. Struass says, “ I am very exctied for the Eries to come back and we really need them this year in order to be successful.” some other new members to the varsity line up from last year are Jordan Grecco, Brady Veiths, and Andy Johnson.
When asked about their goals Strauss replied, “ I think our biggest goal is to be above .500.”
Strauss, who has been playing on varsity since 9th grade, is one of the Wildcats best players. He can go from being a all star infielder to throwing rockets down the plate he is definitely one player who you should be watching for on the Wildcats baseball team.

By Tyler Breuer

Speaker At Goodhue

Teen drinking. Teen Sex. STD’s. Teen Drug use. Good choices. What’s your story? These were things that speaker John Crudele talked about with the entire Goodhue High School on Wednesday, April 14. He also shared personal stories.
Students at Goodhue High School enjoyed listening to guest speaker Crudele. He talked about many things and had a lot of different stories. He has spoken to over 2,000,000 adults and teens across the entire country. His main point that he got across to us was, “What’s your story?” What he means by this is your life is what you make of it. What you do now in the present writes your past and also affects your future. The bad choices you make today will affect you forever.
Crudele also talked about how you have a hard time remembering a lie when you can easily remember the truth. It is hard to keep a lie inside. Another point he had was about how when we are young we think of others a lot more than when we get older. We start to focus on how we can get things for ourselves and not care about others. Still many of us need what others can give to us. We need to help others when we can and not just think of ourselves because then in return others will do the same back to you. Everything you do will come back to you. If you put down others to make yourself feel better others will put you right back down and you end up feeling worse than you did to start.
So help others. Make good choices. Your life is what you make it.

By Reed Lexvold

People on Crutches

People limping around on their crutch. Some hurting under their arms. Others' battle wounds hurting. All of these people are on crutches for a reason, some received surgery like Mike Austin who says that one leg was longer than the other so he got his left leg shortened so now they are both the same. He had to go through three or more weeks of not even being able to move his left leg. Austin said that the worst part about having crutches is the pain under his arms from the crutches. “Walking around a big school must have to suck, even getting around at this small school can be hard at some points,” said senior Austin. When going through the lunch line at school Austin and all the other kids on crutches need help carrying there trays through, so I asked if it was difficult to find someone to do this? Austin said ,“No, not really at all. Most people love to help, I guess it’s because it gets them out of class early.”
1025 feet...this is how many feet it is from down in Bestul's shop to the lunch room (or gym 1). Some people on crutches have to walk this far, then go almost all the way back.
Even just walking from one class to the next, one needs help carrying your books and other objects. Why just today, Nathan Voth had to help Courtney Hinsch carry her books to her locker because her hands are full lugging those crutches around.
I’m not saying that we should do anything about it except for tell people to be more careful
when doing things so they don’t have to carry this burden for a few very long weeks. When you have someone you know using crutches, you may want to help them get around the school because trust me they need it.

By Brady Vieths

Friday, April 23, 2010

Students Voluteering for Community

The sun is shining. Spring is here. Kids are outside. Have you guessed it?… it’s time for the Community Clean up day at Goodhue High School.
Every year the Goodhue High School students have participated in Community Clean up day. This event is held in the spring around April or May. During this day, the senior high students rake people’s lawns, wash their windows, and pick up sticks. The lawns that get chosen are usually people that are in need and can’t do it themselves. Students travel around town and they also get bused to the rural locations. Some students travel as far as twenty miles. Raking rural lawns makes it possible for all of us to go out and get a full day of work in. “This has been taking place for about 20 years now, and every year it has gone well and the community is very pleased with the students efforts to make our community cleaner,” said Mr. Ed Stern.
Community service day will be held on April 30, 2010. The school usually cleans up around 120 different locations. This year is looking to be a full days work. Students will not only be just raking lawns and picking up sticks, they will be planting flowers in different locations, helping get our athletic fields looking better, and also cleaning up the different parks around town. Goodhue High School doesn’t receive anything for this day except the kids get a good experience with helping out and the elderly are thankful for our help so their lawns can look great. “This day is very rewarding to the kids, because if you attend this you can attend Mini Day,” said Maggie Lexvold a student council member.

By: Maggie Lexvold

It’s time again this year for the yearly trip to the Chanhassen. This year it is going to take place on Wednesday, May 21, 2010. It’s located in Chanhassen, Minnesota. “These plays are always top notch, because there equity actors or union actors,” says O.R. There are about 27 students going this year, which is a little less than normal. O.R has been going for about 30 years, and the wonderful plays that keep you interested the whole time is what makes her come back every year.
You are provided a meal when you go, “It’s a pretty decent meal,” O.R says. The cost is $47.00, this includes your meal. The play that we are going to be seeing this year is Foot Loose. This is a commonly known movie that most kids have seen so it should be a pretty good play that will keep the kids interested. O.R’s favorite play that she has seen over the years is Phantom of the Opera. The theatre is for the most part old and it has a lot of add on’s.
Overall I think that this is a very good opportunity for kids and that you should really encourage kids to go.
After watching the play, I agree with everything that people say about it. It was very good and really had your attention the whole time. They had really talented singers.

Knowledge Bowl

By Katelyn Diercks

Biology. English. Algebra. Literature. Geometry. History. All these, and many more, are possible subjects of questions that you may come across at a Knowledge Bowl Meet.

Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition involving teams of four to five students. The teams compete against each other in written and oral rounds. The written exam is a multiple choice test that all members of a team can work together on. After completing the written round, teams move on to the oral rounds. There are usually three to five oral rounds, depending where the meet is located. An oral round consists of three teams in a room with an adult reader. Each team has a buzzer that they can buzz anytime when the adult leader is reading the question. “Sometimes teams buzz in when the reader has only read three words and they get it right!” exclaimed Karen O’Connor. Karen, a senior, has been involved with Knowledge Bowl since her freshman year, when her friends urged her to join. “Although I don’t take Knowledge Bowl that seriously, like some people, I really enjoy it. It’s a great chance to get out of school and be with my friends, and I really love the shopping afterwards!” O’Connor stated.

An oral round consists of 30 questions. When asked what kind of questions are asked in an oral round, Carolyn Johnson, a junior, stated “There are questions about anything and everything!” Johnson has been with Knowledge Bowl since her seventh grade year. Her hard work has paid off this year when her team, consisting of Michelle Poncelet, Jon Schmitz, and Kaleb Luhman, got third place in the Sub-Regional’s and fourth at Regional’s. “We were only four points away from going to state!” she exclaimed.

This year Goodhue had 21 members on its Senior High Knowledge Bowl team and 23 on its Junior High team. Knowledge Bowl is coached by Dawn Austin.