Friday, April 23, 2010

Grace's Article

Senior Class of 2010

By Grace Majerus

“Together we have experienced life, separately we will pursue our dreams, and forever our memories will remain.” The class of 2010 chose this for our motto. Our class, of 52 students, will be waiting for the day to come to receive our diplomas and begin our new journey of our lives. The Iris is the flower we have chose to represent our class. The colors we chose are purple, black, and silver.
“It was hard to please everyone with the decisions we had to make for graduation,” stated senior class president, Dani Ramthun. Dani has been our president for three years. Our class officers are Jessica Earp as vice president, secretary is Ann Dicke, and treasurer, Laura Ramboldt.
An example of trying to make everyone happy is our senior shirts. We had a lot of discussion about the designs we wanted, but no one could decide on what they wanted. We had lots of designs but could not agree on anything. We finally decided to do something simple that everyone would like and if they didn’t too bad. We decided with a black shirt with “Seniors 2010” on the front and the back said, “…because we couldn’t agree on anything else”. Shelby Augustine and Brandon Hadler are the two seniors we voted to speak at our graduation. We all know that day will be very rewarding and I know some tears will be shed on this day.