Thursday, April 22, 2010

Additional Sport Options

“For a small school, we have some pretty good (sport) options,” states Cheryl Peters, a Goodhue junior. However, she also believes that, “we should offer cross country.” This is what many people think here at Goodhue.
Cross country would be an inexpensive option for Goodhue. We already have the bike trail that can be used and there is not much else that is needed, just the participants!
“There are quite a few people I have heard say they would be in cross country if it was an option,” claims Peters. Cross country is a sport for both boys and girls, so there would still be even distribution of sports for each sex.
In addition to cross country, Peter Watson, a Goodhue senior, thinks that La Crosse should be another choice. “It’s the game with sticks that have nets and then you whack each other with them,” Watson says.
Although I believe that his description of the game is a little off, it would be interesting to have it as an option here at Goodhue. It is both a men and women’s sport which is played either spring or fall.
“Goodhue should get cross country, that would be awesome,” claims Watson.