Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brandon Hadler

Swimming at the beach, eating cold ice cream at Dairy Queen, knitting a blanket, and sky diving out a plane. Sounds like a pretty average day right? Well what if I said swimming at the beach with your friends, eating ice cream at Dairy Queen with your friends, knitting blankets with your friends, and sky diving with friends, friends you will probably never see again. Now I bet you’re thinking those two words you loved to hear about when you were a kid “SENIOR SKIP DAY!”

Blayne Erie a senior at Goodhue Public High School says he can’t wait to skip this year, enthusiastically telling me he will just flat out skip and play videogames or read a book. Hoping that all of his fellow classmates skip with him, Blayne Erie has heard of some sweet stories of past seniors that have really have him jacked up for his skip day. One story for example, the seniors went Valleyfair and enjoyed a nice day of fun in the sun. Like everything, there have been bad skip days. Take last years seniors, for example, none of them skipped because of poor planning. Blayne is ecstatic to go to college and ditch out of high school so he can continue his basketball career that we all wish we had “cough” and meet new people.

“My mother would have ripped me a new one!” Yes that quote came from my favorite teacher anonymous who by the way graduated back in the B.C. era haha. Anonymous never had a skip day. Knowing that skip day is just wrong, this high moral teacher said he would have gone to the Minnesota Zoo for a good time!

All in all Senior Skip day is a day where all seniors can get together and enjoy one more day together before splitting up and going separate ways to college.