Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clash of the Titans...More Like...Flop of the Titans
By Brandon Hadler
This movie of the week has sparked a concern that I have about movies designed to portray Greek mythology. The movie that I will be reviewing today is Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans. This movie was nothing short of disappointing. Clash of the Titans started slow telling you how the people of Argos were fed up with the gods and no longer wanted them. The gods didn’t like this because Zeus and the gods of Olympus need the prayers of the people to be strong and live forever. Hades, on the other hand, needs people to show fear in order to be strong. So in turn, Hades gets sent by Zeus to spread fear amongst the people of Argos in hope that the humans Zeus has created will pray again. Argos's Savior is a Demigod "half human half god" Perseus (Worthington) enraged by the killing of his foster parents goes on a quest with soldiers and a desert dwelling magician to find the Sisters of Fate and find out how to defeat the Kraken. Now that you know the plot, here is why this movie is awful.1. God of War- The whole time while watching this Greek Mythology disaster movie I thought about the video game series God of War, and in doing so, I expected awesome kill moves and epic fight scenes. The only time there was an epic fight scene was at the end when Perseus held up the head of Medusa to freeze the Kraken, and even after that I have still seen better. In the game, God of War there are sweet kill moves. Also in the game, there are at least gods and titans whereas in Clash of the Titans, there are ZERO titans. In the movie you only see the gods chilling in an open space, while the main focus and attention is on Zeus's shining amour. The name is just awful for what the movie is about. It might as well have been called Perseus's Boring Excursion. Here's another thing, Harpies are shown in the movie as Hades's minions where Harpies are really Ares's minions. The whole time I was outraged at how you didn't get to see gods such as Posiden or Ares. There was no action. It was like watching Monty Python with no comedy! There was no depth of plot, characters, or anything else. I thought the sex scene between Zeus and Danae (Perseus's real mother) was dumb. What was the point for Zeus to come down from Olympus and bang Danae? Which left me scratching my head. Plus there was no depth explaining the war between the Argonauts and the magicians of the desert. Oh, and another thing the girl, followed Perseus around since he was born. Doesn't that sound a little bit familiar to the Titan Who talks Kratos through everything? Just saying!

Visual Effects- After watching this movie, I was left wondering why they would leave out so many fight scenes that could have at least maybe saved this movie! Even Lord of the Rings which was made what...FIVE YEARS AGO had better affects than this movie! There was no feeling of epicness. It was oh let’s fight off some stupid scorpions that we eventually end up riding! What’s with that? Just kill the dirty mongrels and do it in style, baby!Character Backgrounds- All we got to do was watch Perseus say how much he hates the gods and be followed on a quest to eventually get to Medusa. By the way, everyone dies...really? Give me some background, make me cheer for Perseus and his men, and make it so I care about the heck is going on. Every time something happened it just skipped to the next task that got put on Perseus with out any sense of emotion. Overall, this is a very poorly put together movie that got a lot of hype at the box office this week. I encourage you to not go to this movie. Save your ten dollars or whatever it is. Wait for something better because it is an absolute disappointment! Trust me, Greek mythology has so many stories to it that Clash of the Titans ruins it with a non-action filled movie.